Onra Host Is Now Completely Packageless

At Onra Host, we strongly believe in flexibility, customization, and freedom. In April 2016 we deployed our Build-Your-Own VPS model, which was widely successful. Hundreds of servers were built, and clients were very satisfied that they were able to choose their exact specifications, and upgrade\downgrade at any time. Onra Host is now completely packageless.

Due to the overwhelming success and overall positive feedback on our Packageless VPS, we’ve now applied the same model to our shared and reseller accounts. Since its deployment on January 14th, hundreds of orders for custom shared hosting accounts have been placed, and clients were overall very satisfied with the new model. As of today, this model has been extended to our reseller accounts, and is already proving to be very successful.

We believe in an Internet without restrictions, and we’re working to make that a reality. With Onra Host’s packageless accounts, our clients will never need to pay for resources they’ll never use.

If you’re looking for a shared hosting account, you can use our shared account builder to get online quickly and easily. Starting at just $2.60/month, you are able to deploy a small site without breaking the bank. You can choose any amount of storage from 1GB to 50GB, and any amount of bandwidth from 1GB to 500GB. You can also choose if you would like a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address.

If you are starting up a web hosting company, you can use our reseller account builder to get access to WHM, wherein you can deploy hosting accounts for your clients as needed. Reseller accounts start at $17.60/month, and include a WHMCS or BoxBilling license. As is the case with our shared hosting accounts, you can choose any size account from 1GB to 50GB, and any amount of bandwidth from 1GB to 500GB.

If you need the flexibility of a virtual server, you can spin up your ideal server using our VPS builder. Accounts start at just $14.50/month. We offer many operating system templates, and we give you the option to upload your own ISO to install a custom operating system. We even support Windows.